Storm Day 2020

Zone 1 - Matilija Dam, Saticoy

An earthquake (high flow event) was reported near Matilija Dam. The dam safety manager received the warning of the event. Upon arrival, the dam safety manager attempted to photograph the incident, but lack of service caused the offline app to malfunction. The dam safety manager documented the condition of the dam and saved the photos. The dam safety manager contacts the IT service manager and gets the clear to send out a message to the contact list of Everbridge communication systems.

If road access is impacted, roads/transportation would need to clear a path for emergency crews.


In Preparation for Storm Day 2020

  • Crews practiced installing and removing stop logs at Sespe Creek, Stroube Drain Sluice Gate, and Arroyo Santa Rosa
  • A simulated event at Matilija Dam prompted the use of a mass notification software to communicate messages to a preloaded contact list
  • Damage in the Arroyo Simi in Moorpark prompted emergency remedial action from the Operations and Maintenance crews
  • Earthquake simulation near the Las Llajas Dam dispatched an inspection crew to damage assessment and to issue clearance