Storm Day 2021

Zone 3 - Channel at the confluence of Arroyo Santa Rosa and Arroyo Santa Rosa Tributary

A Pepper Tree had fallen Arroyo Santa Rosa upstream of confluence with n Blanchard drain which obstructed the flow from a blockage of sediment. A crew was dispatched to remove the tree with an excavator and clean the surrounding area. The water is now flowing freely.


In Preparation for Storm Day

Prior to Storm Day

  • Storm patrols are organized based on flood impact locations (hotspots)
  • Accela Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and mobile app capabilities are constructed to respond to incidents. CRM was used for incident identification, staff dispatch, emergency personnel notification, and event resolution.
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) crews practiced radio communications incase cellular communication fails during a storm

On Storm Day

  • While anticipating high flood flows, crews practiced installation and removal of stop logs at Sespe Creek, Stroube Drain Sluice Gate, Arroyo Santa Rosa, and OST Yard.
  • O&M crews responded to a CRM request. The crew was dispatched to remove the pepper tree.
  • Storm Patrol teams were assembled, and inspection routes were exercised.

After Storm Day

  • An after action debrief was held to discuss what was learned and how to better prepare in the future.